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Sacred Dreamwork

"Dreams are the opening of the aperture of intuition" -Jeremy Taylor, Dream expert

Exploring dreams is such an efficient practice to develop our inner observer, nurture intuition and self-awareness, to deepen our "self-listening skills"-- develop true self care--that is rooted in self-compassion and growth. 

What's amazing about dreamwork is that we learn to listen to our intuition in a new way--and because of that, it causes a ripple effect through our lives. 

Why dreams?

Dreams connect to our inner wisdom -- that sacred space of deep knowing and essence-- in a way our thoughts and waking experience can't. Our brains use dreaming for "integration"--neuroscience shows that our dreams help us remember and maintain mind-body wellness.


Dreams are often where creativity is borne, where we can explore possibility, and perhaps even find answers to problems! (It is said that Einstein's rich dreamlife was the basis for his genius discoveries!)

At Root Grow Thrive, we offer dreamwork from a Jungian perspective-- Carl Jung, famous psychoanalyst of the early 20th century, gave insight into how dreams can connect us to the "collective unconscious", where common language that is spoken in imagery instead of words, or archetypes instead of rationality.


Jung believed that dreams were indeed the portal to the sacred Self, connected to the inner Guide that offers freedom from ego and its constraints.


Our dreamwork is not about simply dream interpretation. This means that exploring dreams is incredibly personal, and as such our dream circles remain sacred and confidential spaces.


We hold space together knowing that true insight may come in the form of chills, an "aha!", or perhaps even tears and laughter.

Why do dreamwork?

We all dream.

And we are all dreamworkers, whether we know it or not!


As a pioneer of dreams, I was fascinated even at a young age with trying to find out what dream symbols mean-- and when I became a psychotherapist, I found myself companioning folks as they explored their dream imagery on their quest for healing.


I realized early on that we have access to an inner wisdom that is right there, upon waking, every day, and tapping into it can provide the encouragement and insights towards wholeness that we often are yearning for. 

Whether you're just curious what these dreams mean, or you have been called to do dreamwork for years, we all are welcome and have the innate ability to listen into our dreams and the power that they hold.

Dreamwork Tips

Image by Greg Rakozy

Are you curious about your dreams? Are you wondering how they can be helpful for explore and widening your lens on your life and inner growth? I provide weekly teachings on developing a dreamwork practice based on Jungian dreamwork model. This circle is a deep dive in the art of synchronicity and depth plumbing, archetypes, and introduction to how to develop your relationship with your DreamWisdom. 

Image by Johannes Plenio

Have some crazy dreams and want to process them? Always been curious about why you dream what you do and what they could mean? Dreams are a wonderful source of inner knowing, and sometimes it takes some skill to understand the messages from your DreamWisdom. In four one-hour sessions spread over several weeks, I'll introduce you to Jungian projective dreamwork, active imagining, and working with archetypes for developing that inner listening "ear."

Image by Javardh

You are curious about how dreams can be enlightening to your inner work. Learn about synchornicity, establish a relationship with DreamWisdom, and connect with strategies to connect to the inner world of dreamwork that can lead to astounding new insights and spiritual fruit.

What folks are saying about Dream Circles:

This was an amazing experience! I’m beginning to trust that I already have all I need in my life to progress on my spiritual journey. Tapping into dreams is another skill for understanding myself. What a treasure! -C.L.

The biggest takeaway from the Dream Circle was learning to trust my gut and my intuition! I learned to recognize my own inner wisdom, and was so supported by the collective wisdom of the other Dream Circle members. -B.D.

Trusting my intuition and the collective wisdom of others brings spiritual transformation! -A.L.

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