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This is a SELF STUDY course for Trauma Conscious Spiritual Care for providers of spiritual care such as pastors, ministry professionals, lay ministers, chaplains, spiritual directors and holistic counselors. It includes all the topics explore in the live training on Trauma Consciousness, including Psychospirituality and Neurobiology, Ethics and Spiritual Care, Trauma Competencies, and Practice Integration. 


Spiritual and ministerial training programs often omit providing skills training for their students. They often don't have the ability to provide psycho-spiritual support and education, which can leave spiritual care providers ill equipped and feeling overwhelmed when faced with the stresses of vocational life. 


Spiritual care providers who feel helpless are more at risk for burnout and leaving ministry. 


Modern life today requires that we are sensitive to the psycho-spiritual backgrounds of those we care for, if we are to provide compassionate and ethical listening care.


In this training, you'll get:


8-plus hours of video content on spiritual care and providing and protecting trauma informed spaces


Practice pointers and skill building for those in ministry and spiriutal listening care 


You'll have access to share your questions in our private Facebook group for those who have gone through the course, and also opportunities for Q and A with Allie and colleagues to address your questions and process how this material impacts you and your work.


Lifetime access to the materials which will be updated continually with even more material to provide value and lasting impact on your spiritual wellness.


Learn more about the content here:


*IMPORTANT! Course content is for personal use only and not to be shared or distributed, out of respect for folks' time and resources that contributed to this offering. 


*This is not a course providing thearpy or mental health care--if you or someone you know needs support for mental health issues, please contact your heathcare provider or check out or for a provider near you.

Self Study Trauma Conscious Spiritual Care Provider Training

  • Content provided may be activating for some folks, especially those with histories of trauma. This course is not meant for therapeutic or mental health purposes of counseling or support. If you need support or help for trauma or mental health, contact your local healthcare provider or call 811.

    Content is not to be shared or distributed and is for personal use only. 

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