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Reclaim Your Stillness

A Wisdom Series

Nourishing Embodied Contemplative Practice Series for the Worn Out Soul

You are feeling worn out and weary, on a soul level.
You're not alone.

Join us for our transformative 5 week series, Reclaiming Stillness: A Wisdom Series. This series is designed to help you reconnect with your inner self and recharge your soul.


Through embodied, creative and nourishing practices, you’ll learn how to reclaim stillness in your everyday life. Our experienced team includes Joan Alexander and Allie Kochert, seasoned spiritual guides who will guide you in a safe and nurturing environment.


This is an opportunity to prioritize your spiritual care and growth in light of the sometimes wearisome and pressured lives we live.

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What's Included

What's included:

Five weeks on Tuesdays starting November 7th.

Four weeks of group sessions from 12-1:25 EST, focusing on an aspect of embodied contemplative spirituality. The fifth week is a retreat day, with three full hours dedicated to your spiritual care from 12-3pm EST

Soul Care Series culminating in an Online Retreat

We are wired for connection. Are you ready to deepen and renew?

Week 1: Reclaim Your Stillness

In this session, Joan and Allie will invite us all to join together in the circle to open up to the concept of stillness, and what that means for each one of us. We will have an opportunity to share our own experiences with spiritual exhaustion and what spiritual burnout can look like in the lives we lead. We will discuss fostering healthy trauma informed space together and what that can look like for each one of us. We'll do a writing prompt so bring your journal!


Week 2: Wisdom May Be Found Within

In this session, Joan will guide the group using poetry as prompts, guiding the circle with automatic writing exercises to improve ability to access that liminal, creative space. We have an opportunity to share if you'd like and have freedom to drop into stillness.


Week 3: Somatic Mindfulness for the Soul

In this session, Allie will guide the circle in dropping into safety systems of relaxation response through embodied somatic practice. You will be guided in a mindfulness exercise and movement if it feels invitational for you, with sharing included. We'll also do an exercise on spiritual burnout--and what rest we truly need for our soul's to recover and renew.


Week 4: Walking the Path of Renewal

In this session, Joan will guide the circle in your own labyrinth walk, teaching about the nurturing and ancient practice, and inviting you to explore this contemplative source of reconnection. As Joan is a seasoned labyrinth practitioner and guide, you are sure to walk away with insights.


Week 5: Retreat Day!

This is our culminating retreat day, where Joan and Allie both will companioning you as we continue our exploration of the embodied practices. We'll explore them further and deepen even more into restful stillness, inviting you to explore your own way forward with how these practices can continue to be sources of spiritual resourcing. There will be music, movement, space, and time to reflect. This retreat is a partial day full of reconnection to your soul—Joan and Allie encourage you to plan accordingly!


Nov 7, 14, 21, 28 and Dec 5


12Noon-1:25p EST first four weeks, the final week 12Noon-3p EST

On Zoom

What's included:

Tuesdays starting November 7th, four weeks of group sessions from 12-1:25 EST, focusing on an aspect of embodied contemplative spirituality. The fifth week is a retreat day, with three full hours dedicated to your spiritual care from 12-3pm EST.

This retreat day is designed to be special and intentional time away, so plan accordingly.

This Series is for you if

  • you’re feeling worn out spiritually, ready to take the intentional time to reconnect and recenter

  • you value personal time to get spritiually nourished as well

  • you desire new practices to bring breath and light into their spiritual lives

  • you crave connection with other folks who prioritize their spiritual wellness

  • you need a circle space that is trauma informed and allied, anti-racist, 2SLGBTQIA+ and sensitive to all folks on the journey

  • you are ready to renew into a quiet and nourishing practices to improve resiliency in your mind, body and spirit

Your Guides

Joan Alexander, CSD and Allie Kochert, MA, LPC, CSD

Joan _ Promo pic _ Oct 2023.jpg

Allie Kochert (she/her) is a soul care pioneer, trauma expert and seeker who cultivates safe spaces for reconnection to your soul. She draws on decades companioning folks in psychotherapy and spiritual direction, and uses dreamwork, archetypal/energy work, somatic practices, and  Jungian and integrative/holistic creativity to nourish and renew. Her retreats and circles are sold out regularly, as she focuses on providing trauma informed spaces especially for those struggling from spiritual and vocational burnout. She is also a mom of two teens and a tween, married for 19 years, and her other job is mom-taxi and snack-maker.


Joan Alexander (she/her) 

is a life-long learner certified by the Haden Institute & Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre, Canada, to practice Spiritual Direction. She also studied with Lucy Abbott Tucker to become an SD Supervisor and teaches supervision workshops while supporting other Directors in their practices. Joan is also a Labyrinth Facilitator, Spiritual Trauma Presenter and 2SLGBTQIA+ Educator.

As a Canadian woman in a same-gender marriage to an Anglican priest and as the mother of two adult sons, Joan continues to travel the path of inclusion where Spirit walks with us all.

What is the investment?

Sliding scale options from $299 USD (full) to $99 USD (scholarship rate).

Joan and Allie believe soul care should be affordable for all. We have three tiers of sliding scale options, for those in financial strain or historically marginalized communities. We aim to cultivate an equitable and fair pay structure. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

Equity Based Fee Structure

In the spirit of equity and equal access for all, this program will be offered under a scholarship donation structure with sliding scale options. If you would like to gift a registration, please contact Allie or Joan for details.


"I can’t make it all 5 sessions, can I still sign up?"


Absolutely! You’ll receive the recording of the session, however the retreat day will not be recorded.


"I am new to embodied practice, is it right for me?"

We will teach you how to reconnect somatically and in contemplative posture, but all is invitational in our workshops. We will not pressure you to participate and if you need to step away, you are welcome to! Everyone’s needs will be honored in the spirit of trauma informed care.


"I am spiritual but not religious, am I welcome?"

Absolutely, this is a circle welcoming to all faiths and spiritual backgrounds, and we will be using all names for the holy/divine. We only ask that everyone come with open handed curiosity and respect for all backgrounds and agree to the Parker Palmer Circle of Trust Touchstones.

"What is the time?"

The sessions are 12-1:25p Tuesdays EST. If you are in a different time zone, please calculate your time here:


"Will I get value out of the series?"

We certainly hope so! If not please let us know for a full refund. (Also—did you know a single labyrinth session is $70, a single workshop is $125, and retreats are typically $250? Joan and Allie wanted to create an affordable series so that all folks can have access and opportunity to reconnect to their spiritual selves)


"Can I bring a friend?"

Absolutely—even better when we join our friends on this journey. There is limited spots, though, so make sure you get your registration in soon!

Join us!

Email us and we'll connect

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