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Workshops and Retreats

Nourish in Stillness Retreat


You've given so much in your own ministry and you're feeling weary and worn. You're yearning for authentic community and desiring intentional spiritual self care. You know the importance of holy rest and wonder how to fit it all in. Nourish your heart, mind and spirit with a half day guided retreat, specifically for women in vocational call who seek openhearted and safe communities for their own spiritual wellness.

Opening Your Online Soul Care Practice

This workshop teaches you the basics on how to set up your own online spiritual practice, from the ground up. We overview platforms, marketing, client management, as well as  special considerations for those who are licensed such as therapists who are transitioning their practice to this model.

From Burnout to Resiliency Workshop

You are finding yourself or your colleagues are burning out quick. In this workshop, learn the difference between compassion fatigue, secondary stress and burnout, and not just learn but practice strategies to manage spiritual burnout and foster resilience and reconnection to Source.

Mindfulness in Ministry

As a therapist who specializes in Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction, I know the value of incorporating these strategies in ministry and personal life. We explore techniques and learn why mindfulness is not just a fad, but a lifelong process that supports a healthy spiritual life.

Nurturing Your Call Workshop

Discernment is a journey, but often one that feels daunting. Feeling rudderless when it comes to your call and vocation? This workshop teaches you ways to reconnect to your call, from a mind-body-spirit perspective, and look at discernement in a wholehearted, embodied way.

Dream Workshop

You are curious about how dreams can be enlightening to your inner work. Learn about synchornicity, establish a relationship with DreamWisdom, and connect with strategies to connect to the inner world of dreamwork that can lead to astounding new insights and spiritual fruit.


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