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Spiritual Direction

is Soul Care

Life is loud. 

Finding time and energy for your soul care is flat out challenging. 

You are a woman who seems to "have it all together" but knows that inner work is necessary for a life well lived.

You are a woman seeking like-minded, openhearted and safe community in order to connect to Divine Source and deepen into your authenticity.

You yearn to reconnect to you call--whether you are in active ministry or a therapist or holistic healer. You know that self-care always includes soul care.




You've accomplished a lot in life. Your arms and life are full, but it is clear to you that you've not reached your innate potential. You know more is there, in that little whisper inside, that calls you back to your authenticity and essence.

Being a woman, too, poses challenges, as there's heightened responsibilities and roles that often get heaped onto us and pose extra challenges to our resiliency and living out our wholeness the way we're meant to.

So when it comes to moving from that sense of burnout or disconnection, you're not sure what you need. or how to reconnect. The old ways are just not working anymore.

Spiritual direction is Soul Care--where you can re-commit to your spiritual wellness, re-center on your essence, and re-connect to Divine Source. You are ready for more, you are shedding the old, and poised to step into the new.

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