Your ministry matters.



Your heart matters too. 

You are a woman in ministry and love what you do, but the inner seeker inside is concerned about spiritual stagnation.

Ministry is your vocation, one that you're finding can empty your cup fast.

You feel drained spiritually and seek a safe space to explore your spiritual life, with others who "get it."


You're desiring rest, renewal, and reconnection to your inner light and Divine Source.

Welcome to Root Grow Thrive!

Here we listen 

to the still small voice 

that knows and honors connection to the Divine.


Here we honor

the journey it takes to move from feeling

burned out to nourished.

Here we support

each other through Holy Listening, 

intentional silence, creative practice,

and humble presence-giving.

Support for Women in Ministry

Being in ministry can be hard, especially for folx who identify as women. Burnout and compassion fatigue are real, in addition to the typical challenges of managing a life serving churches or organizations. Whether you are a pastor, spiritual director, chaplain, or other spiritual professional, you are welcomed here!

Openhearted Connection

to Spirit

Creating Safe Spaces for Clergywomen and Seekers

Peer support from women in ministry who, like you, desire to grow and sustain their connection to God, Spirit, Source, or whatever name you give the holy.

I offer trainings on many topics, including contemplative spirituality, Jungian shadow work, creative embodiment and body prayer, dreamwork as a spiritual practice, praying the Tarot, and Enneagram coaching.

A place to rest, renew and center in on your spiritual journey, I offer retreats both online and in person in the Central PA area.

Hi, I'm Allie

I am a seeker, a soul pioneer, and guider of dreams. I'm a mom, wife, licensed therapist and certified spiritual director. I call on Presence as my tool for inner awakening. 

In my years working with seekers in and out of church environments, I have noticed a desperate need for safe spaces for self-identified women in ministry and spiritual leadership to explore their spirituality. 

I've seen too many suffer early on in their vocation, wondering if the pressures of working in church environments and the associated struggles will be sustainable.

I've witnessed burnout, compassion fatigue, and spiritual dark nights as a direct result of the lack of safe spaces. I've seen the light go out and women leave their vocations heartbroken and empty.

Root Grow Thrive was born.​


With my work as a spiritual director informed by the Jungian-mystical tradition, I know what it is to listen deeply to folx on all steps along the Way.

As a trained therapist for many years, I own Rooted Growth Counseling dedicated to serving those in the helping and healing professions. As a facilitator of therapeutic, support and spiritual groups for decades, I know what it is to provide and protect safe space.


As a lifelong seeker myself, I know what it is to devote myself to continually reflect on how Spirit is living in my life, and am grounded in my vocation embedded in understanding that growing edges and liminal spaces can be rich sources for opportunity and growth.

Will you join me on the journey?

Wondering if Soul Work is for you?

* Schedule your free connection call with me--we can talk about your needs and what you're looking for.

* Choose your growth opportunity--individual spiritual companioning, group support, workshops or retreats--inner work and soul work to enrich and explore!

* You'll find resiliency, connection to self and Spirit, and learn ways to

Root Grow and Thrive!

You and Your Ministry are Worth It.

Allie Kochert, MA, LPC, Spiritual Director

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