Are you yearning for connection to Spirit?

You're here because you are looking for a place for safe spiritual support and connection. 

You're looking for spiritual growth opportunities that nurture and grow your spiritual life.

You know that community is necessary to keep from burning out in your ministry, yet you've had trouble finding like-minded supports. 

You know your life and ministry will suffer if you don't choose spiritual self care. 
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As a therapist who specializes in burnout prevention and resiliency support, I get that burnout is real.


What it takes to have a thriving, soul-enriching ministry isn't necessarily taught in seminary or chaplaincy trainings. 

I believe women need each other, especially in their own communities, hosting each other in holy embrace

I believe in the ability for our life force and essence to be claimed when we allow ourselves to be truly seen in the eyes of others.

I believe that soul work can be the place of deep transformation and powerful growth.

Soul Support is Life Support

Growing up in the Catholic Church, I began working in groups in high school, hosting contemplative prayer offerings in my living room for teens who also had questions and wonderings along the spiritual journey.


I knew at a young age that Presence--in whatever form that may be--was the tool for inner transformation.


I translated that inner knowing into my career in mental health and psychotherapy. I found that the sacred art of bearing witness to others' stories was essential to health and wholeness.  


I served churches through the years, both in official and unofficial positions of leadership, and learned about how church environments instead of sanctuaries are reflections of our family and cultural dynamics, often presenting the trauma and complex challenges that these provide. I saw gaps in how women in ministry and spiritual seekers (especially those on the margins, such as LGBTQIA+ folx) are treated.


This ignited a fire in me

to serve other women who also yearn

for inner growth and sustenance.  


In 2019, I opened Root Grow Thrive, to provide spiritual growth and inner work opportunities for folks committed to the journey. In 2020, I graduated from the Haden Institute in Spiritual Direction, trained in the Jungian mystical tradition. I moved into this vocation knowing my lifelong call to service provides a container to hold space for others to connect others to Sacred Source.

Trainings and Certifications:

Certified Spiritual Director, Haden Institute 2020

Member, Spiritual Directors International

Group Facilitator and Group Leader

Trained in Parker Palmer's Circle of Trust Touchstones

Centering Prayer Practitioner

Creative Embodiment Practitioner (Mandala painting, Body Prayer, Artist's Way, Poetry for Presence, Praying with Icons and Imagery, Sacred Collage)

Mindfulness Practitioner (Trained in and have taught and practiced Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Parenting and Mindful Eating since 2007)

Dreamwork Practitioner(trained and decades of practice in Jungian-projective method of dreamwork)

Enneagram Practitioner and member of Enneagram Institute 

Owner and creator of The Sacred Deep, curating creative worship resources for connection to Spirit.

Clinical Psychotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Group Psychotherapist and owner of Rooted Growth Counseling 

Trained in the Jungian Christian Mystical tradition, I dedicate my work to offering holy space for all seekers on the journey, whether you are churched or unchurched, faithful or agnostic, certain or lost.


My call and deep desire is to provide "soul friend" presence so you can unravel what knots that no longer serve you so you can better open into and revel in nourishing connection to the inner Source, God, Wisdom, Numinous, Holy.

What People are Saying

"Excellent resources. I enjoy Allie's wisdom-sharing - always a wealth of knowledge. She does a good job of creating openness on a space like zoom, which can often feel more content driven." -attendee, Trauma and Spiritual Care Workshop, 2022

"Allie is very knowledgable and a gifted circle leader." -attendee, Trauma and Spiritual Care Workshop, 2022

"I loved every minute of the workshop. It could not have come at a better time. I would have loved it to be longer. lol"
-Ronette, Nourish in Stillness, 2021

"Allie is always so sensitive to the group and have a wonderful way of explaining your topics and making everyone feel safe and included."
-Chris, Nourish in Stillness, 2021

"I would recommend any of Allie's workshops to anyone; I know they would be helpful and satisfying."
-Jane, Spiritual Direction and Resiliency, Spiritual Direction International, 2021

"Allie creates a space filled with gratitude for our sharing that helps to cultivate vulnerability even among strangers." --Sarah, Soul Circle member, Summer Soul Circle, 2020

"Allie is insightful and inviting"--Danielle, Soul Circle member, Summer Soul Circle, 2020

"(I learned) how to really listen to another person and reflect spiritually on what they were saying. I think it taught me how to be a better pastor. I also feel like I grew from the wisdom others shared." --Bonnie, Soul Circle member, 2020

"This group always seems to happen at just the right time in my life." --Michelle, Soul Circle member, 2020

"Allie is wonderfully warm, wise, and insightful. I appreciate the little tidbits that you offer around dream symbolism and how to work dreams. I also appreciate that the group feels casual and that everyone's thoughts and emotions are welcome in the space; it doesn't feel like you as the facilitator are "taking over" at all."--Amy, Dream circle member, Dream Circle for Trying Times, 2020

"Calm, clear, and straightforward. I loved Allie’s facilitation style!"
-Amanda, Spiritual Direction and Resiliency, Spiritual Direction International, 2021

"I love your style of leading and facilitating the group! You handled all the personality styles with grace and kindness and made it a safe place to share."--Chris, Dream circle member, Dream Circle for Trying Times, 2020